SDCC 2018: Mattel/WWE!

Every year I look forward to Mattels WWE panel.  They usually have some great guests, sometimes a run in but they always, always have amazing reveals. was some amazing scans of the reveals this year and I’m excited to share some of my favorites.



Retro!  The Retro line continues with four amazing figures!  BRAAAAAAUN, Jeff Hardy, Iron Sheik and Mister Retro himself, the internet champion, the greatest IC champion of all time.  ZACK DADDY RYDER!  I’m a huge fan of the Retro line, they have great action features and they are starting to get the cards juusssssst right.


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SANITY!!!!  BLARGH.  I’ve been a longtime fan of Eric Young, going back to watching him wrestle in a minor league hockey rink to now.  It’s awesome to see this figure and his success.  Another member of Sanity (or ex member?)  gets her first figure.  Nikki Cross is getting a figure and the detail looks amazing.  You can practically feel the craziness oozing off of her!


sdcc_wwe_050 So…..  how wonderful Nikki looks, is the opposite end of the spectrum of how Ronda looks.  I’m happy she’s getting a figure but hopefully this is an early early version.


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Some NXT boys are getting the love.  Pete Dunne!  THE BRUISERWEIGHT is getting his first fig.  I’m sure this figure will FUCK all your other figures up some sick closed fist punches!  Velveteen Dream is sliding his way into your collection.  He is still in early stages, but I know he will be classic right off rip.  Then we get a three pack- SHOCK THE SYSTEM.  ADAM COLE BAY BAY, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly are showing up to DOMINATE the competition and leave your collection changed FOREVER.


Some other noteables:

Matt Hardys Delapidated Boat and MOWER OF LAWNS

New Macho Man

Curt Hawkins



Dusty Rhodes

Scarrie Sherrie


Pat Patterson

Asuka WM Entrance

and Classic V1 Matt Hardy.


What’re you guys looking most forward to?  IS there a figure you were sad NOT to see this time around?  Let us know!  Make sure to check out for all the hi res scans!

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