Marvel Games SDCC Announcemnets!

Today Marvel Games took the stage in San Diego, and brought smiles to the faces of all their fans. Taking about the upcoming new Spider-Man game, the new oculus rift title “Marvel Powers United VR”, and even a new mobile card game “Marvel Battle Lines”!

The new VR game will be a 4 player coop game, in virtual reality! With 18 playable characters at launch including.

  • Spiderman
  • The Hulk
  • Capitan America
  • Thor

And even more of your favorite marvel heroes! Marvel Powers United is set to launch, July 26 2018!


Marvel Battle Lines is a new battle card game, that in some ways is supposed to differ from other similar titles. With beautiful comic book styled artwork, and even some style of single player story will be added. The game will include hundreds of your favorite Marvel characters. Though no release date was stated, it will be available on IOS and Android.

Then the news everyone is waiting for, the upcoming Spider-Man game finally had the latest costume release! That costume will be the “velocity suit”! The new suit is very bright, with what looks like neon throughout the suit, and sporting even more futuristic eyes. The newest edition the webslingers wardrobe looks amazing. Don’t forget Spider-Man PS4 will be out September 7, 2018!

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