Fortnite Battle Royale Season 5 Launches!

Epic has once again launched a new season for Fortnite, and this time we have even more stuff added to the map. Adding even more content to the already stacked title. We have now begun our journey thru the new season 5 of Fortnite Battle Royale!

After updating your game you get a cool trailer to what the new contents will hold. Changing aspects to the already very changed map, and new costumes and more. Fortnite has come along way from its original design. Probably the biggest addition I thought that would never be added, was the edition of driveable vehicles!

Yes that’s right! Now you can drive around the map with the new golf carts!  Along with the normal stuff that everyone has come accustomed to like a new season pass ($9.99), new skins, locations, emotes and more. The new season 5 is out now for everyone to play.


I personally like the new update, and it seems a lot more fun that a few of the previous ones. The addition of carts to the game makes it very easy to traverse the map, and the new final circle changes are very welcomed! No more camping the final circle as it will move back into the storm. So all those bases that are built up in the final circles could all be wasted. I think that the new additions are welcomed, and I personally  cant wait to get back into Fortnite BR.

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