SDCC Funko Exclusives 6/27: Animation!


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Dorbz: Ren & Stimpy – Happy Happy Joy Joy 2-pack: From one of the greatest episodes ever.  Stimpy wants Ren to be as be happy as him.  There’s even an amazing song that goes with it!


Bob’s Burgers – Tina on Unicorn: Butts.


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Masters of the Universe – Stinkor (Scented): This is going to drive me crazy.  Last year was Flocked Moss Man, and now we get stinky Stinkor!  IT’S EVERYTHING I COULD HAVE EVER DREAMED.

Masters of the Universe – Ram Man: Ram Man finally makes his appearance! He is a Toy Tokyo exclusive so make sure you sign up for their exclusives as well!

Masters of the Universe – Skeletor & Faker 2-pack: An amazing two pack!  Faker and Skeletor in VNYL!  Skeletor finally showing his face in VNYL form!!

Rick and Morty

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Rick and Morty Collector Box with “Goodbye Moonmen” 7”                                          Vinyl Record (1500pc LE): Wow.  This is going to be one of those pieces that everybody wants. Vinyl heads, toy collectors, EVERYBODY.  The fact that it’s limited to 1500 pieces will surely drive that price up up up!

Rick and Morty: Western Rick & Morty: “Morty, we’re in the wild west Morty, look at me.  Look at me, you look like Woody.”

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