SDCC Funko Exclusives 6/26: Grab Bag!

Funko is killing me.  Every day there is more and more that I’ll be unable to get.  Not only that it’s favorites!  THE BANANA SPLITS?!  UGH, let’s get into it.

Harry Potter!

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I gave up trying to keep up with the Harry Potter Pop!s.  I bought Luna last year, but that was because she was super favorite of mine.  These two will be very sought after, especially with the GITD feature.

Harry Potter: Moaning Myrtle (translucent):  She hangs out in bathrooms, what is there NOT to love!?

Harry Potter: Nearly Headless Nick (Glow-in-the-Dark): Headless Ned Stark and Herschel both went for high dollar on the resale market, and their design is nowhere near as cool as this!  I’m very interested to see the final product and how they make it work.


Looney Tunes!

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 Looney Tunes – Playboy Penguin: I’m pretty knowledgeable in Looney Tunes, but I have NO idea who this character is.

Looney Tunes – Pepé Le Pew: The official mascot of the #metoo movement.  Pepé has attacking cats for as long as I can remember.



Hanna Barbera!!!!

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Hanna-Barbera: Banana Splits – Snorky, Bingo, Fleegle and Drooper (LE 4000): I LOVE the Banana Splits.  Absolutely love them.  It kills me that these are an LE of 4000, because as we’ve gone over, that means they will be flipped for top dollar.  I am going to guess the set of 4 goes for $1000 on secondary market.


Hanna-Barbera – Quick Draw McGraw &  Baba Looey 2-pack (3500pc LE): BABA BOOEY BABA BOOEY.  I clearly remember watching Quick Draw turning into EL KABONG!  The VNYL design is perfect for these two and the following two!

Hanna-Barbera – Muttley and Dastardly 2-pack (2100pc LE): At 2100, insert Muttleys laugh here.


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