Funko SDCC Exclusives: DISNEY!

opFunko is back at it, today it was Disney Pops!  Let’s get into it!


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Doug – Skeeter Valentine: This is right in my sweet spot.  Get this Pop! and combine with your Doug Pop! and Porkchop, and we can FINALLY reenact “Bangin On a Trash Can”!


Kingdom Hearts – Unhooded Organization 13 Mickey: Spoiler alert, I’ve never played a Kingdom Hearts game.  This is a Mickey Pop! with a sticker on it, so it will be flipped for big bucks!


Hercules – Pain and Panic 2-pack: It’s a Disney movie with Danny Devito SINGING!  I believe this is the first Pop! version of any Bobcat Goldthwait character ever!


Moana – Neon Tamatoa: One of the best musical numbers from Moana is by Tamatoa.  The dude ate his whole Grandmother.  This Pop! is pretty stunning and the paint job is spectacular! 

8-Bit: Wreck-It Ralph – Ralph & Fix-It Felix: These are absolute master pieces.  These two were made for the 8bit style and hit that mark for me.  LOOK AT HOW BIG RALPHS HANDS ARE!


Incredibles 2 – Edna Jack-Jack: Hey, so I haven’t watched The Incredibles 2, so…. what the FUCK is this?


So what do you guys think?  What’re your favorites so far?  What’re you hoping gets announced next?  Make sure you keep an eye right here, as we cover ALLLLL Things SDCC

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