I Didn’t Forget Your Deals!!

Look I know I usually post these deals for you on Fridays so you can cop some new games for cheap to play going into the weekend and I failed you, but none the less here they are and hopefully you can find something that tickles you fancy.

Now I’m starting this week on console because the PC gamers are in for a treat and I might just flood them some deals from the ever popular Steam summer sale. Alas though we have Microsoft and the Xbox Marketplace where I found… Diablo III: Eternal Collection which is currently 50% off making the game $30.00.Diablo-3-Eternal-Collection

Along with 7 Days to Die which is also 50% off making this little diddy $15.00.7-Days-to-Die

Then to round out the Microsoft portion there is Killing Floor 2 which is also 50% off totaling the game at $20.00.Killing-Floor-2-Images

Now that you’ve gotten a look at Microsoft, lets explore the wonderful world of Sony and the PlayStation 4 which is currently doing their flash sale.  In the PlayStation marketplace there are a few gems such as, Doom which is 50% off making the title $14.99.Doom-2016-Review

Along with a fun little game Destroy All Humans 2, which is a couple years old but is 70% off making the game $5.99 and totally worth the price.dest

Then probably the best deal yet is Call of Duty: Black Ops III which is currently FREE!!! so get it while you can if you haven’t already.Call-of-duty-black-ops-3-1

Now this is where I’d include Nintendo and the Switch but as they’re known for not letting any cooler titles to go on sale, I as usual am leaving them out and will now share with you some of the awesomeness that is the Steam Summer Sale for all you PC gamers.

First id like to add there are so many games on sale that I just kind of picked randomly except for one which I will start with, as it is a game that I’ve been pumping a lot of personal hours into despite it not working often but when it does work is an amazingly awesome game and has never been on sale until now, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is currently 33% off at $19.99 and if you can get past the bug is totally worth the price of admission.PUBG

Then there is a cool little survival/crafting game called Rust which is 75% off making game $8.74.rust

Then to close out our fun little list of PC game deals I give you a game that is almost 10 years old but was such a fun game when it came outback in the day is Left 4 Dead 2, the game is currently 90% off making the game a steal at $1.99.left4dead2

Just keep in mind there are a lot of other deals out there but if you are to lazy to go look for yourself then here you go and as usual thanks for reading and hopefully finding this information useful. Have fun gaming!!




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