The First Four Days of Funko SDCC Announcements!

SDCC snuck up on us, and Funko has already started releasing their super sought after exclusives.  Here are what they’ve released from 6/19-6/22 !


I’m sure we will see more Marvel this year in terms of exclusives for Funko, but here is what they’ve debuted so far.


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Taika Waititi (3000pc LE): The director to the greatest Thor movie yet.  Limited to 3000 pieces, he will be a piece every collector is after, especially with that sick jump suit.

Iron Man Mark I: The classic armor of one Tony Stark.

Kraglin: We get Kraglin wearing Yondu’s spare fin!

Thor with Odin Force: Thor all jacked up on that Odin Force!

Hero Valkyrie: Valkyrie ready to help Thor!

Rock Candy: Jessica Jones: The Rock Candy line is slowly growing on me, and Jessica Jones is a perfect piece for this collection.

Dorbz: Captain America & Red Skull 2-pack: Awww, nothing is as cute as a little red faced Nazi.

Classic Ant-Man: My favorite of the exclusives announced so far.  This outfit is amazing and I can’t wait to see it in action!

Cheerleader Deadpool in Pink Glitter (1000pc LE): 1000 pieces.  Good Luck.



Funko has released some amazing movie Pops and Pieces, and we have some cool ones this time around.



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Matthew Patel & Demon Chick 2-pack:  A lot of Scott Pilgrim love in this category, and rightfully so.  We get an Evil Boyfriend and Demon Chick!

 Scott Pilgrim & Ramona Flowers 2-pack:  Vnyl getting some love with these highly designed pieces.  Scottys got his flaming sword!

Richie & Margot 2-pack (2900pc LE):  The Royal Tenenbaums is an amazing piece of cinema and I’m stoked to see some collectibles for it, although the limited amount of pieces is tough as someone who won’t be at SDCC and doesn’t like paying flippers!

 Mad Max Fury Road – The Nux Car (5000pc LE): Another amazing limited piece.  Even the packaging on this piece is super sick!



This is another category that I feel will expand the closer we get to SDCC.


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Destiny – Sweeper Bot: The coolest guy in the tower!

Overwatch – Grillmaster Solider: 76: I know nothing of Overwatch.


The first two pieces are from Saga!  A flocked pop and a Rock Candy!


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Saga – Flocked Ghüs with Pajamas 

Rock Candy: Saga – Alana: The first Rock Candy piece for Saga!

Hellboy in Suit: The design on this piece is amazing and wickedly cool!




 James Wan (1000pc LE): The director of Saw, Dead Silence and Aquaman gets his own Pop!  Another short run, so make sure you camp over night!


DC Comics 1

Again, I feel like we will be seeing more from DC comics before we hit SDCC this year.


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Teen Titans Go! – Killer Moth: Look at that little Silkie!

 Red Hood: Jokers beware!

Justice League – Running Flash: GO SPEED RACER!

 Justice League – The Flash Chrome 3-pack (Gold/Red/Silver): I don’t know what it is about the chrome pieces but people go crazy for them.


Star Wars!

I’m hoping he get more Star Wars pops, I’d really like throwback to the Gentle Giant pink Darth Vader helmet but in Funko Pop style!

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Clone Wars – Cad Bane™

 Solo: A Star Wars Story – Imperial Stormtrooper™



Loungefly is dropping some HOT bags!

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Cuphead Backpack & Pouch Set (300 LE): I absolutely LOVE Cuphead.  This bag is amazing!  Limited to 300 pieces means you’ll be spending at least $400.

Stranger Things Babysitter Steve Canvas Tote (500 LE):  Worlds Best Babysitter!  Limited to 500 pieces.

Star Wars Porg Mini Backpack (500 LE): PORG!

Star Wars Jabba’s Palace Backpack & Pouch (400 LE): HELL YEA JABBAS PALACE


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