The Hero Gotham Needs, But Not The Hero It Deserves.

Sometimes you need a hero… I mean game, a game to pull you out of the FPS, RPG, battle royal mindless dribble that sometimes becomes your gaming life.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy my repetitive genre titles that I personally enjoy as well, constantly changing from PUBG to Rainbow 6: Siege to Ghost Recon: Wildlands in a shoot some faces off day of gaming.  RaftSurvivalSimulator_4.png

In an attempt though to branch out of my usual gaming forte I decided to buy an early access, survival, crafting game off of steam called Raft, needless to say I was instantly hooked.  The game from the small indie Swedish studio Redbeet Interactive is a shiny gold plated needle in a haystack of games you can play currently on your PC.TO4RuS

The game doesn’t hold your hand lacking a tutorial to help you start meaning you will die a couple times before you start getting the hang of it whether you die due to thirst which got me as I kept trying to drink the salt water despite knowing that in real life you cant drink salt water or dying due to hunger or even a relentless shark that feels the need to constantly attack you and your raft.  After a few rounds though and reading through your inventory you’ll figure out the crafting aspect of this survival game extending you life greatly.raft-survival-simulator_sc_2

The only area the game seems to lack is that playing by yourself on a normal to harder difficulty isn’t impossible but turns into a juggling act of life and death where you can never seem to progress…enter multiplayer!! Luckily the guys at Redbeet were kind enough to include multiplayer, which with the couple of friends I convinced to purchase the game were all officially hooked. Raft shines as an excellent survival game to play with your friends, each person taking on a certain role to help survive and make your raft as glorious as possible.

The best part about this game… Its only $20 right now.  There isn’t a ton of content and the game is still early access but if you want to help a small indie studio grow and help them to add to this great game I highly recommend you and your friends purchase, log in and try to survive.



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