E3 2018 Impressions from the Showroom floor – South Hall

Continuing with your E3 journey we will now be focusing on the Main hall of the event. The South hall is the venue’s bigger show room where the companies showcase enormous displays and gaming experiences for you to enjoy. As you enter the showroom you are greeted with that familiar sign and the stairway to gaming heaven!


Straight away you are greeted with developer after developer with their latest and greatest. Square Enix seems to usually be up at the front of the line and they always come swinging. This year most of their space showcased their new Final Fantasy, Just Cause 4 and with one of the longest lines of the show Kingdom Hearts 3


Capcom was a powerhouse this year (In our humble opinion) as always they bring quality demos with over the top booths. With the recent announcement of the Resident Evil 2 remake they took the opportunity to recreate the Raccoon City police department that brought an apocalyptic experience to those who would brave the long line. The whole experience can be seen Here! for those interested. They also had an elaborate set up to showcase Mega Man 11 with not only the new playable demo but demos of past Mega Man games displayed in a timeline. Topping it all off with new Monster Hunter content and a battle between long time rivals Xavier Woods and Kenny Omega to see who is the top WWE contender in Street Fighter V.


Now huge companies dominate the show floor but the smaller guys always leave their mark, check out the gallery below to see everything from Hyperkin’s latest devices to how Fortnite has come forth as a massive contender on the floor, as always we love to hear from you, let us know what you think and your own thoughts on this year’s show!

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