Nintendo Direct Highlight’s

The Nintendo conference today was the wrap up for all the big E3 shows, and it was.. ok. We didn’t get to see too much a few teasers, and then the main games took the stage. The unfortunate thing is we knew about these games already. The show started off with a very Gundam looking game called Daemon x Machina, which will be available in 2019.  We got to see some Fire Emblem, and then the new Pokemon game!


Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee, are going to be more of your traditional RPG Pokemon again. Also with the joy-cons you can simulate the throwing of a pokeball, or pick up the new “Pokeball plus” which will be a new additional peripheral for your switch so you can literally, and perfectly simulate catching pokemon. Also whatever pokemon you catch with the pokeball plus will remain in that device, so you can hear you pokemon. Along with that fun experience every pokeball plus will come with the legendary pokemon “Mew”  The new games will also have couch coop, so now you can even catch pokemon with your friends. Both Pokemon games, and the pokeball plus will be out on November 16, 2018!


After Pokemon we go to see a fair bit of the new “Super Mario Party” which can be played across more than one switch. Some of the games looked interesting to play, via more than one switch. We got a few more teasers, and announcements including the addition to Fortnite Battle Royale to the switch, which is out now! After those announcements we got what Nintendo really wanted to talk about, and that was Super Smash!

Heralded as the biggest crossover in gaming Super Smash Ultimate, will have every character from every Smash Bro’s! Including a few new characters, features, enchantments and more. The conference felt like it was really holding back on everything else just to talk more about Smash.  The roster is undoubtedly one of the biggest roster you can imagine, and the game does look fun, but this was not the conference I was expecting from them at E3. I am excited for what Nintendo has planning, but I do wish they would have introduced or teased a bit more than they did.

What about you? Are you excited for anything that got teased, announced or shown today? Let us know!

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