Ubisoft E3 Conference Highlights!

Continuing the highlights of E3 we have Ubisoft! The juggernaut developer came out showing off all sorts of content they are planning. From very known titles to smaller they had tons to speak about. We got glimpses into the new Trails Rising, the new installment to the wacky, and fun dirt bike game. The side scrolling, rage inducing racer looks just as fun as previous installments and will be coming out in 2019!

Finally we got to see more of Skull and Bones, the more graphically impressive pirate game compared to Sea of Thieves. Showing off cosmetics, slight game play and even some of the game world. The pirate simulator looks amazing! It looked to have a somewhat populated world, that you could attack NPC’s in. Not to mention the glorious look at the graphics, the world looked amazing the textures looked great, and all in all it looks like a very fun game!


A glimpse at a new title from Spectervision called Transference, a psychological thriller game. That has you trying to escape a “corrupted mind”. The game is set to launch in fall of this year, and it looks rather creepy. I cant wait to hear and see more of this game.


Ubisoft unveiled Starlink, which is a game that you also buy collectible figure to have in your game, and switch will have an exclusive edition with Star Fox! Starlink will be launching on all consoles October 16th, 2018!


Finally we got to see our first looks at Assassins Creed Odyssey, which is now confirmed to be in ancient Greece. The game looks to capitalize on origins success, with breathtaking graphics, smooth gameplay and even choosing your own character! Now the game seems to have even more RPG elements, choices to seem to affect the game even more than before. Assassins Creed will be out on October 5, 2018!

Are you excited for For what Ubisoft has planned? Let us know your thoughts on what they have announced, and plan to launch soon!



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