Sony E3 2018 Press Conference Review!

It’s Sony’s turn to take the stage at E3 and the company could not be in a better place going into the show. The PS4 still hits record sales and God of War proved to be an instant classic with loads of critical acclaim. But will they let their success get to their heads or will they prove once again that the best games are  really on PlayStation?

The Event started off very soft with Sony President Shawn Layden coming out and promising a different type of conference. This would only be half true. The first portion of the conference took place in a small tent with a church motif before moving into the huge theater for the remainder of the conference. I don’t think the side trip was necessary but maybe those in attendance felt differently. Sony did cover a huge list of games so let’s get to them.


•The Last of Us:Part II Trailer

Starting with a musical performance from composer Gustavo Santaolalla, Sony kicked off the event with a Gameplay Trailer for Last of Us Part 2. Brought to us again by the amazing development team over at Naughty Dog, the Trailer covers Ellie and explores both sides of her life in the apocalypse. Giving significance to the previous Left Behind DLC with her sexuality being placed in the forefront of her character. The cinematic is juxtaposed with an incredible gameplay segment showing off the amazing level design, varied combat, stealth mechanics, crafting systems, and the emotional punch that made the first Last of Us so powerful.

•New Game Plus for God of War

Mentioned briefly in between the awkward room change. A New Game Plus option will be added to God of War giving you even more reason to play the already great game.

•Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Trailer

A short mention of Call of Duty promoting remastered maps coming to Black Ops 3 when you pre-order Black Ops 4. They also mention that Black Ops 3 will be coming to PS Plus for free starting tonight.

•Game Montage

These Games did not get full trailers but rather were quickly featured in a video Montage.

-days gone -twin mirror -beat saber for psvr 

•Destiny 2 DLC Trailer

A quick cinematic trailer for the latest Destiny 2 DLC expansion.


•Ghosts of Tsushima Gameplay Trailer

Kicked off by a Pan flute performance(for mood I guess), the next game featured was Sucker Punch’s Japanese Epic. The first thing you notice is the amazing visuals featuring incredible lighting effects and a large vista that goes on for what appears to be miles. Unfortunately watching the game I found the combat to be slightly underwhelming and I hope that the games is deeper than an average hack and slash. However it was good to see Sucker Punch incorporating their trademark awesome traversal mechanics to the game.

•Control World Premier Trailer

Remedy Games brings us what looks to be a very trippy and psychological shooter with a character that appears to have telekinetic powers.

•Resident Evil 2 HD Remake Trailer

Capcom highlights their new HD remake of Resident Evil 2 with a cinematic trailer that brings you back to the first time you explored raccoon city. January can’t come soon enough.

•Trover Saves the universe 

The creator of Rick and Morty is making a game. That’s all I got out of this.


•Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer

Kingdom Hearts has gotten a lot of love this E3 and this trailer still got me hyped. Showing off a brand new world featuring the third Pirates film and all its characters and more hints on the game’s overall story. The game looks absolutely phenomenal! Coming: January 29, 2019


•Death Stranding Trailer

Kojima’s latest game may seem like an extreme walking simulator but if there’s anything that Kojima has shown us is that his games always have so much more depth under the surface. You can not deny that the game looks photo realistic with the best visuals on the PlayStation I’ve ever seen. I may have more questions than anything else but I can’t wait for them to be answered when I play the game.

•NioH 2 Trailer

Coming to us from Ninja Theory, a year after the original. The trailer doesn’t show much but definitely expect some creative action from this developer.


•Spider man Gameplay Trailer

Insomniac Games May finally give us the perfect Spider-Man game. The demo showed off multiple villains and the games fluid and interesting combat system. Luckily we won’t have to wait long to get our hands on this game coming out in September.


In conclusion, Sony’s conference delivered some very impressive looks at some great exclusives and while the content definitely looks amazing. The overall presentation and flow of the event could have been better. I would rate Sony’s showcase a B+

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