Microsoft E3 Conference Highlights!

Day number 2 of all the amazing new announcements was today, and it started with Microsoft! The big Xbox showing came out swinging with a quick clip of Xbox’s most storied franchise.


Halo Infinite got a quick teaser, and it looked brilliant. The tease did show a little bit of the beloved Master Chief, and even getting a quick sight of Cortana being placed in MC’s helmet. This one is just a quick teaser and didn’t have any info. Another beloved franchise also got some air time.


Gears of War 5, or Gears 5 as it was called during the conference was dropped, and it looks great! The new title will have the return of Marcus Fenix and his son, and other familiar faces. Along with a great cinematic that gives you some perspective on what we will be experiencing when the game launches,  even though we did not get a release date.


The familiar face came out under the name Crackdown 3. The very long-awaited game showed its face again, and this time with a lot of yelling by the one and only Terry Crews! The hype man does a great job at getting you ready to finally play this game! Which was recently and unfortunately pushed back again. The game look, and sounds great, and I cant wait to finally play Crackdown 3!


A quick appearance from Todd Howard of Bethesda (whose conference is later tonight) for those who watched the presser we got to see our first new look at Fallout 76. The game looks beautiful, and will be bigger than ever! There will be more news to post about this later, so stay tuned.


A teaser for Cyberpunk 2077 which is made by CD Project Red got shown off, and it looks as insane as we first thought. The wacky and crazy game shows off the colorful, insane and brutal world in this game. This RPG looks like it map is going to be huge and fun. This one is going to be a fun ride.


There isn’t much known about this so far except it’s got some of the anime characaters in excistence in it! Showing Goku (Dragon Ball), Naruto, Luffy (One Piece), Ryuk and Light (Death Note) altogether. We got to see Naruto, Luffy and Goku all teaming up against the evil emperor Frieza in a amazing reveal trailer! This trailer definetly stole the conference for me!

Along with these big names we got trailers for during the conference are listed and linked below!


What about you? What was your favorite game that got announced, and what stole the show for you? Let us know your thought!

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