Bethesda E3 Conference Highlights!

The juggernaut that is Bethesda took the stage today, and it was announcement after announcement! Bethesda went out today with what look like a play to win everyone’s E3, and they very well might have! Coming out they had a performance from Andrew WK that didn’t quite catch with some of the attendees. Who honestly seemed like they were only there to see Fallout 76 news, and Fallout news their way!


The rumors were true Fallout 76 is going to be completely online, though you will be able to play on your own it will be easier to play with friends. The games map is 4x bigger, and there is all kinds of stuff to do. Including build your own bases, that can be attacked at any time. Also you can find some crazy stuff in the game like nuclear missiles you can launch at anytime!  Fallout 76 will feature dedicated servers, and a progression system that does not reset on death. Which is great in an online survival game. Fallout 76 is launching on November 14, 2018, and will have a Power Armor Special edition!


We even got to see into the future of what Bethesda has planned, and what a sight they were. The long-awaited Starfield got a very short teaser, and not to mention the long awaited and highly anticipated Elder Scrolls 6! Neither one of these games had anything more than short teasers shown, but it was still a huge moment during the conference.


Before Todd Howard took the stage we got to see glimpses of almost every game in Bethesda’s arsenal, including Prey which will be getting some big updates and even DLC. Elder Scrolls Online’s new updates were given names (Wolf Hunter, Murkmire), and the Elder Scrolls battle card game Elder Scrolls Legends will be playable on all platforms! One more Elder Scrolls announcement was made and it is a new Elder Scrolls game for IOS and Android. The very first ES game to be on mobile, and its name is Elder Scrolls Blades. Bringing almost console quality graphics to mobile, and fun gameplay. Elder Scrolls look to have some new air being breathed into the franchise!


Finally two franchises will be getting brand new sequels, and they are Wolfenstein Youngblood & Doom Eternal! Very excited to see these new iterations coming out, and what these adventures will take us on. Youngblood will be following BJ Blazkowicz’s twin daughters, as they fight the Nazi forces in 1980’s Paris. While Doom Eternal looks to be the hellish game we know and love!


To me Bethesda has already won E3, and looks to be have a very bright future. What about you, did you like Bethesda’s presser? Are you excited for any of these new titles? Let us know!

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