Pokornys E3 predictions and hopes!

If we could go back in time and look at what I was hoping for last year (which we totally can because, duh, it’s the internet)  I feel like my list hasn’t changed that much.  First my hopes!


Hope 1:


Borderlands 3.  BORDERLANDS 3!  JUST GIVE ME ANYTHING, HAVE CLAPTRAP ROLL OUT ON A STAGE AND SHOW ME A SHORT TEASER ANYTHING PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.  Gearbox has announced that they WONT be there with BL3, but this could all be a diversion to distract us from them rolling Claptrap through the back door.  We’ve seen very little of BL3 dating back to Gamescon two years ago.  Most of the Canada Wal-Mart leaks have been spot on, including a leak that happened today from Steam for Just Cause 4.  Borderlands 3 was on that list.  Please Gearbox, I know you read all blogs that mention you, please bring BL3 this year!


Prediction 1:



Nintendo LABO will get further support.  We will see many more peripherals for the system including add on for future big releases (LABO style pip-boy anyone?)  It will go from younger demographic to an older demographic, I foresee a LABO style light-gun (GIVE US HOGANS ALLEY).


Hope 2:

Let’d stick on to Nintendo.  I’m really hoping we get stellar news about their on-line service.  The fact that there is no “virutal console” doesn’t effect me, but I would really like to see a Playstation Now type service where we can stream (download while you pay for the service) and play a back catalog of games.  Hogans Alley, Duck Hunt, Mario 2, Super Metroid, Yoshi’s Island YOU GET THE PICTURE.  This is a big opportunity for Nintendo to show up and show out for their online service.


Prediction 2:



Bethesda, my favorite everything.   Sunday will be a HUGE day for Bethesda.  I predict we will get a new mobile game, Fallout 76 before the end of the year, the final ESO expansion, Fallout 4 on Switch (LABO PIP BOY).  Bethesda will bring out the big guns after an alright showing last year.

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