E3 Anticipation, 3 Game I Can’t Wait To See!

We are getting very close to E3, and that means that the hype trains are full steam ahead! Big names are getting all of their fans ready to go, and I’m here to talk about what I am hopeful to see!



Sense the first trailer came out I have been excited to hear more about this game, and with E3 right around the corner I got the hype back for it. From the mind of Hideo Kojima this game is destined to be good at the least, and with all the crazy trailers I think that E3 is the time to give us more details than ever.




There isn’t much we know about this is, except it looks like we are going to ancient Greece. I personally cant wait to hear about more AC knews, but in some ways I hope this isn’t coming out this year. We have seen the problems that arise when Assassins Creed comes out every year, and I don’t want to have a buggy game like Unity was. Hopefully Ubisoft takes their time to make another great game like Origin’s was.




I cannot express the levels of hype that I have for a new Fallout! Being one of my favorite game series out there I always look forward to more exploring in the wastelands. There are tons and tons of leaks out on the internet on what this game will be, but I am going to wait until after the Bethesda conference to listen to any kind of leaks.

These are the 3 games i’m super stoked for, and cant wait to see what  is going to be said, but what about you guys? Let me know what you are really excited for!

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