Destiny 2, Year 2 Reveal Details.

Today we got all kinds of info about Bungie’s year 2 plans for Destiny 2. Starting off with an amazing looking video showing off some of the new playable area, which many players from Destiny 1 will remember as “The Reef”. The team did not talk much about story or campaign details, and with that all we got to hear about that was that there is a new playable area named “The Dreaming City” and it will be tied closer to “the raid”.


Hearing those words should be amazing to all Destiny fans that thought year ones raids were a little off. After the little bit about story the dev team also talked about the new mode being added to the game, the new mode is called “Gambit” which will be a mix of both PvE and PvP. This mode will be playable at E3 and Guardiancon. The new mode will live as its own mode next to crucible and vanguard strikes.


Getting away from the expansion packs Bungie will be adding the “Annual Pass” from the name we all know what annual passes are, but they didn’t specify if these new dlc’s will have to be bought through the annual pass or they can be bought separately.

However when they announced this Bungie did put up a graphic showing off their new dlc’s.

  • Black Armory – Winter 2018
  • Joker’s Wild – Spring 2019
  • Penumbra – Summer 2019

Along with all the new expansions they also announced content that would come with each. All of these new dlc’s will have your usual additions. endgame challenges, new weapons including new and returning exotic and new lore.


With all of the new expansions and added content they will be bringing back some old favorites, with the return of collections, random weapon roles, 6v6 crucible and even bounties!

Collections is a simple way to see all of the stuff you have collected while playing Destiny, also it makes it easier to bring back weapons you may have gotten rid of through your journeys. Triumphs is another way to keep track of your stuff, but this is to keep track of records and objectives for all you game modes.


As mentioned before random roles will be making their return. So for all of you Destiny players that love your God tier weapons you may be having them back soon! With random roles we will be getting weapon slot changes, and though not much was said some situations were hinted. Some of them being a triple shotgun layout, and even having a sniper or bow as your primary!

Crucible will have the return of 6v6 quick play, and Rumble will be staying! 4v4 PvP will stay as the competitive and trails, to keep the game modes a little more challenging and “sweaty”.

Bungie again has revamped their road map, that promises the game to get better and better. As of the date I’m writing this the 1.2.1 is currently going live, but the big changes are promised to be ahead! 1.2.3 see the changes to crucible along with the return of bounties, and more exotic changes. A new event called “Solstice of Heros” event, and prestige raid lairs (Spire of Stars and World Eater). The biggest changes are promised to be when the newest dlc launches on September 4th on all platforms.


More story announcements will be made at E3, and I personally cant wait to see what Bungie has planned for their franchise. I am also very excited to see what will happen in this new expansion, but what about you guys? Until next time I’ll see you later guardian.

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