Bungie Partners With NetEase!

Bungie the beloved developer of mega gaming franchises such as Halo and Destiny has set its eyes on new horizons. The developer made an announcement about a one hundred million dollar partnership deal with NetEase!


The deal also a minority stake in Bungie along with a seat on the board of directors. The multi million dollar deal is said to not have any effect on Bungie’s prior deal with Activison Blizzard, which is the partnership that makes Destiny. The new Bungie, NetEase deal is said to be a way to make a new IP.

Bungie made a post on their open website, stating that this is not the end of Destiny, and is a way to “empower us to build new worlds and invite new players.” you can find the full statement HERE.

NetEase is a company well-known for their mobile gaming reach, which could mean we are going to have a Bungie mobile game sometime. NetEase also has a regional  partnership with Activion Blizzard that operates almost all of Blizzard’s games. However no one knowns exactly what the two companies have planned, but looking at what we have so far we could be looking at a great looking mobile game.

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