Look, About Last Week and Those Game Deals…

I apologize!!  I’m supposed to be here every Friday for you all, sharing game deals I find to help you all keep gaming without breaking the bank.  Instead I got super wasted and played a shit ton of video games myself completely forgetting my responsibilities… and it was AWESOME!! But I’m back and ready to share with you all my findings before I get wasted and play some more video games.

Steam this week is coming in hot as usual for all you PC gamers.  If you’re one of those racing fanatics I say get yourself a racing set up then buy yourself Assesto Corsa a sweet racing simulator which is 15% off for $16.99.assetto-corsa

Along with a cool little game known as Total War: Warhammer II which is currently 25% off at $44.99.Total-War-Warhammer-II-Cover

Then to end our portion of PC titles we have Just Cause 3 which is 85% off at a reasonable $4.49.just-cause-3-1

Now we will venture into the Microsoft marketplace for all you Xbox lovers, where I found Borderlands: The Handsome Collection which is 67% off making the title $19.80 for the two Borderlands games you get.borderlands-The-Handsome-Collection

Then for my sport enthusiasts there’s NHL 18 at 60% off lowering the total to $16.00.health-information-about-nhl-18

Then the awesomely popular Rocket League is 45% off right now making the game a steal at $10.99H2x1_NSwitchDS_RocketLeague

Next we have the Sony Marketplace for all you PlayStaton 4 owners, which for you fighting fans I found Mortal Kombat XL on sale for 50% off making the game a measly $9.99


Then another awesomely priced sports game Madden NFL 18 is 70% off lowing that bad boy to $11.99.madden-18-brady-og

Then lastly if you only have one friend in the entire world and you’d like to play A Way Out the game is marked down 25% making the title $22.49.A-Way-Out-release-date-trailer-gameplay-PS4-Xbox-One-PC-682213

Finally if any of you hip little Nintendo Switch owners are still reading, there are even a few gems for you.  SteamWorld Dig is 25% off right now making the title $7.49.dig

Then the sequel SteamWorld Dig 2 is also 25% off but slightly more expensive at $14.99.SteamWorldDig2

Also don’t worry you Switch sports fans I even found something for you in the form of NBA 2K18 which is a whopping 67% off lowering the game to $19.79.nba-2k18-review

Well there you all have it, go save some money and please spend all you weekend gaming and not spending all those shiny nickels you have. Until next week, and thank you as usual to anyone reading this and finding this information useful.

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