After Almost 24 Hours, Fallout 76 Has Been Announced!

After a nearly a full 24 hour live stream that consisted of nothing more than a Vault boy bobble head, and a TV with the iconic “Please Stand By” message. All of this started from a tweet that Bethesda posted with the same gif.


Toward the end of the stream Todd Howard made an appearance asking the fans “have we waited long enough?”, and thanking the audience for watching. Followed by the trailer to the brand new Fallout 76!

Fallout 76 is the brand new entry into the franchise, and what looks to be the earliest entry into the franchise with the new in-game year being 2102 which is 59 years earlier than the original Fallout game. We will be finding out more about Fallout 76 at E3 this year from Bethesda, but this is all the hard known facts we have. Many question are still up in the air like where is the game set?, what kind of game is it? and what will we be doing?, and all of those are sure to be answered.

Until then enjoy the hype train my wasteland wanderers we may be wondering a new land again soon!

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