The PS4 Console Cycle Is Ending!?

After a stellar 5 years the first reports have come out that the PS4 is coming to the end of its life cycle! On Twitter today a report from Takashi Mochizuki stated that PS Chief Kodera said that

“PS4 is entering final phase of its life cycle, which would have negative impact to the unit,  but recurring revenue via membership services etc. should cushion some of that.” 

It is definitely sad to hear this news, especially with the console doing so well this generation, but what is even more sad is to hear we will not be getting news on any new Playstation hardware at E3 this year. So if these reports are true we have at least until next year to enjoy our darling console.

Also another note to take in is that we have no announcement on when the generation will indeed end, so maybe this is just something misunderstood. Time will tell though on what is to come for the PS4.

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