Video Games Are Expensive, But I’m Here To Help.

When you spend as much money on video games as I do you tend to keep an eye out for any deals possible.  So this morning I spent a little time gathering some deals on games for you all to enjoy and hopefully enjoy on the cheap.  Looking into the PC world through the wonderful world of Steam and their huge catalog of deals I’ve decided to share with you all these little gems.

Lets start with a game I’ve shared numerous times as it has been one of my favorite games to play the last few years and whenever I see it on sale I’ll always happily share with you all is Rainbow 6 Siege which is currently 33% off for $10.04.Rainbow-Six-Siege-e1449862042834

Then just because it looks like mindless fun if you have nothing better to do, Steam has Euro Truck Simulator 2 at 75% off for the low low price of $4.99.thumb-079-euro-truck-simulator-2-1-compressed

Then lastly if you’re obsessed with HGTV do I have a sweet deal for you. House Flipper is a cool little game if you want to channel your inner real-estate mogul. Steam has it on sale for 10% off making the game $

Now lets look at Microsoft and the sweet Xbox deals they have going for this week. Starting with Middle Earth: Shadow of War which compliments of a Warner Bros sale you can get the game for 50% off lowing the total to $24.99.middle-earth-shadow-of-war-leak-random-pn-1

Xbox also has a cool little horror survival game to play with your friends if you have any called Dead by Daylight, the special edition is on sale for 50% off making the game a measly $15.00.Dead-by-Daylight-Wallpaper

Then to round out the Microsoft three there’s a fun little game called Kerbal Space Program which is currently 30% off making the game $27.99.thVETMWTT0

Now we will venture through what Sony and the PlayStation marketplace have to offer us this week. With PlayStation having their flash sale going on there’s a few sweet deals for sure but I was happy to see, The Crew is 70% off for $14.99 if you wanted to try it for cheap before the sequel comes out.455649

Firewatch for all you story driven gamers is 75% off making it $4.99.screen-shot-2016-02-12-at-11-09-37-am

Then lastly there’s another awesome shooter yours truly is a fan of super cheap, Titanfall 2 is 85% off for $5.99 which is totally worth the price!!titanfall-2-video-explains-the-s


Finishing out this weeks deals I’m excited to let everyone know that Nintendo and the Switch decided to show up to the part this week! There’s Monopoly for the Switch which is 50% off at $19.99.


Along with Rayman Legends which you can get for 38% off at $24.79.Rayman-Legends-logo

Then lastly big thanks to Nintendo for giving us this gem at a discount, get Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle for 33% off at $40.19.H2x1_NSwitch_MarioAndRabbidsKingdomBattle_EU

What an awesome group of deals this week, I’m stoked to see all the major platforms showed up to give us gamers some deals to help feed the need for more games without making us sell our limbs in the process.



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