Don’t Let Them Get ALLLL Your Money!

We all know video games can get expensive, but luckily for you I’m here to help… a little.  Starting this week again in Steam and looking through the tons of deals they have for your PC ill happily share just a few.

There is for some reason Grand Theft Auto V, which is still a thing and its on sale for 50% off at $29.99.gta-5-trailer-1-gta-v-logo     Hotline Miami which is a cool little action game is 75% off totaling $2.49.Hotline-Miami-Vita.jpeg    Then to round it out we have The Sims 3 for you people that like to be in charge for 75% off at $4.99.The-Sims-3-wallpaper-the-sims-3-6549689-1600-900

After the wonderful romp through Steam land I ventured into the world of Xbox and the Microsoft marketplace where I found a few deals for you Xboxers to enjoy.  Let’s start with ARK: Survival Evolved which is 40% off totaling $35.99.ark-survival-evolved     Microsoft also has another popular game on sale, Assassin’s Creed Origins which is also 40$ off dropping the price to $35.99.  2324ec96-3670-4d9f-b06f-756d8247687a     Then to end the Microsoft portion of our adventure we have Destiny 2 + Expansion Pass Bundle, also 40% off putting this price at $53.99 which is a great deal for the game and all the extra content.destiny-2-new

Then I tapped into Sony and the PlayStation marketplace which is having a Ubisoft sale.  I’ll happily share a couple games from that with you but first take a look at the Hasbro Family Fun Pack Conquest Edition which is 63% off at $14.79 which includes Monopoly, Risk, Battleship and scrabble for your console. Hasbro-Family-Fun-Pack-Conquest-Edition-635059-full    Now onto the little Ubisoft sale Sony is doing which I’ve decided to share Watch Dogs 2: Gold Edition is 60% off lowering the price to $39.99.Watch-Dogs-2-Review-2    Along with South Park: The Fractured but Whole- Gold Edition at 50% off totaling $44.99 for an enjoyable and amusing turn based RPG game.spfbw-og-meta-image

Switching over to the Nintendo Switch as usual they have a marketplace of super cheap cool looking games that I’ve never heard of or played haha.  I’m sorry I’m not more of help to you Switch owners but as always if you have any recommendations for me besides Mario Odyssey and Zelda please let me know as those two games are all I play.



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