Lets Make A Deal!!!

Not with me of course but with the video game market places! They always have deals they want to make.  So lets take a look at what they got this week, and because I’ve finally succumbed to the PC master race and bought a computer(yes I’ve been writing and posting from my cell phone) I’ll even start to include steam… you’re all welcome.

Since I’m trying it out for the first time I’ll start with Steam and the PC titles.  Looking through their sale section they do not disappoint and since it is still May 4th I think I’ll add all their Star Wars games. Star Wars- Knights of the Old Republic comes in at $3.99.knights-of-the-old-republic

Knights of the Old Republic II is priced the same at $3.99.star_wars__knights_of_the_old_republic_2__poster_by_lexxbomb-d4qzrq3

Along with Star Wars- Empire at War for $6.79. swr

Good job to steam for getting in the holiday spirit and making these Star Wars titles 66% off… get it?  Ok moving onto the console brothers and sisters, in the PlayStation marketplace they decided to play along a little and Star Wars: Battlefront II is 50% off at $29.99.Star-Wars-Battlefront-II

Moving away from Star Wars unfortunately PlayStation has  the awesomely enjoyable For Honor at 67% off for $19.79.For_Honor_Wallpaper2_1920x1080

along with Monster Hunter: World for $44.99 which is 25% off.monster-hunter-world-logo  All in all not a horrible offering from Sony.

Now we will look at Microsoft and the Xbox marketplace who have also gotten into the May the 4th be with you spirit and included plenty of Star Wars games like LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Deluxe Edition which is 50% off making it $15.00.lego_star_wars_the_force_awakens_-_deluxe_edition_pc_

Same as Sony they also have Star Wars Battlefront II which Microsoft has for 60% off making it $24.00.Star-Wars-Battlefront-II

Then just to add a random game which is super awesome Microsoft has Worms Anniversary Edition at 75% off at a steal of $14.87.th

Then as usual Nintendo Switch didn’t want to show up to the party this week and even though they have a nice sale section full of awesome games it could also be full of horrible games… we will never know.

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