Road to Infinity War Review: Spider-Man Homecoming

In the past 15 years audiences have seen 3 different iterations of Spider-Man on the big screen. There’s been a lot of fatigue from fans who are tired of having to start fresh with every iteration. I totally get it, with 2 of them showing complete origins stories it can get old fast. After 5 films made by Sony, Marvel finally was able to revive the character in the MCU during Civil War and it was great. In 15 mins of screen time they created a Brand new Spider-Man with all the traits necessary for the character. Now just a year later Marvel gets a featuring e film to expand upon that character and does it work? ABSOLUTELY


Homecoming isn’t an origin story for spider-man. Its a character drama about Peter Parker and his attempts to become an avenger and become the hero he dreams of being. This simple idea touches on what makes Spider-Man truly great, he is just a kid. It’s a coming of age story in which a kid has to learn what his limits are and how to push past those limits.

Tom Holland was born to play Spider-Man. He embodies Peter so well and is then able to put on the suit and make us believe that it’s really a 15 year old kid swinging around New York. The movie also surrounds him with some great characters including Ned. Very early on he discovers peters secret and rather than it causing issues, he responds as anyone would when they find out their best friend is a super hero. He was hilarious and definitely added to the film in a way I wasn’t expecting.


Speaking of unexpected, Tony Stark actually was not in the movie as much as I thought he was going to be. The iconic shot from the trailer where iron man and Spider-Man are moving through the city together actually never happens but honestly the movie didn’t need it. Tony played a great mentor in that he allowed Peter to grow by not stepping in and solving every issue for him.

The biggest issue being of course the vulture played by Michael Keaton. The man is a fantastic actor and is given great material to work with. He took what could have been a weak stereotypical marvel villain and created a menacing yet sympathetic character that went very well with peter’s journey.


The film is not perfect though. It saves what I guess is supposed to be a meaningful character reveal toward the end of the movie but as soon as you hear it you don’t buy it at all. The bigger flaw is that the film sometimes falls in to a pattern of waiting for the next big set piece moment before anything happens.

However, even with its flaws this movie creates such a great representation of Spider-Man and his world, that it’s amazing it works as well as it does. It completely stands out from the other films and left me wanting to see more from this franchise. Spider-Man homecoming is the best Spider-Man movie ever made and is definitely worth a watch. Welcome home Spidey!



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