Road to Infinity War Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

I do not envy James Gunn in making Guardians 2 at all. The first movie was so beloved and was so successful that a second attempt at capturing the same magic seems insane. That being said I feel that taking the personal story route that the movie takes, does make it a little less fun as a guardians movie in the rewatch. 


The humor is still there as the characters are all still interesting and hilarious in their own right. The problem is that the humor now has so very distracting tonal shifts. One moment you could be laughing at one of rockets quips the next you could be crying at the loss of a character. 


The best memory i have of this film when i first watched it was its use of colors and that absolutely still holds up. This is a gorgeous movie and I applaud the art direction that the film makers took to being this world to life. 

Out of all the marvel movies I’ve seen(perhaps maybe Thor:The Dark World), this movie really loses steam when compared to the recent release of Thor:Ragnarok. Ragnarok takes Guardian’s humor and use of color and does it to perfection. Making Guardians 2 an inferior film when it comes time to a rewatch of the marvel films. 


In conclusion while it seems like I was harsh of Guardians 2, there is still plenty to love. The characters are still great and both Ego and Yondu have standout performances. It’s just the rest of the movie is pretty forgettable. 


Cue Baby Groot Dancing!

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