Belgium Says No! To Loot Boxes.

Not too long ago we all heard the news that some countries were looking into loot boxes being a form of gambling, and Belgium has decided they are! Today Belgian Gaming Commission has decided that games with randomized loot boxes such as Overwatch, FIFA 18, Counter Strike and other games are “games of chance”, and are now deemed criminal gambling. The games listed above are to remove all loot boxes or they will be charged for Criminal Gambling.

These charges are no joke for breaking this law could get companies hit with a 800,000 euros (Close to $970,000) and even jail time! We are left waiting to see what exactly will happen however as Belgium did not give any deadlines for changes .

All of this is still closely tied to the EA Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot box controversy, which has also made another country “Netherlands” look into banning loot boxes. Now we have another country that has decided against companies be able to make money off users in this fashion. The landscape for loot boxes is changing drastically, and while the smoke was settling on the conversation. This brings it back into the lime light, and that must worry the big gaming industry giants!

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