God of War 4 Review!

Another chapter has been told in the great tale of Kratos the Ghost of Sparta, and a wonderful story it was! God of War 4 takes you on a bit of a different path that what you are used to. This time around Kratos is not only a father, but a father that is looking after his son after the loss of his wife and the boy’s mother. The boy Atreus tags along with you for almost the entirety of the game, and he does not suffer from the poor tag along characters your used to. Atreus along with his trusty bow becomes a strong necessity to your game, and one of the key factors to the over arching story.

Talking about the story takes you through a version of Norse mythology that has Kratos at the core of it. Along with him being at the core your journey with him takes you through so many up’s and down’s it amazing. You feel the difference in Kratos, he is no longer the blood hungry Ghost of Sparta that only wanted the death for all gods. No he is now a quite family man who lives in the woods with his family, until presented with an issue from “the stranger”.



Santa Monica Studio’s did a perfect job balancing the action, drama, traveling and story! You never feel like the game gets slow, and in all honesty I never felt as though there were parts that made me feel like I needed a break. The story is amazingly written and kept me completely enveloped in it. I found myself just wanting to know what happens next!



Traversing the world is fun and seemless, and what makes it that way is that the map is made of multiple maps. You manage to make your way through taking a specific room between the different realms of Norse Mythology. I though they did a great job with this as well! I never got the too repetitive feel that some others my get, and I loved the fact that during your time going to this room you build more story. When you get to these different world you get multiple variations of enemies, and though there is some very similar enemies there is a enough for you to not feel like it is lazy. Along with the enemies the maps are all completely different.


Another thing to talk about is when it comes to God of War there has to be puzzles, and boy are there puzzles. Some are to progress story other are for upgrades, and others are even for just loot. If you are someone who likes puzzles in your God of War don’t worry the puzzles are there!

I will say that God of War 4 has been a wonderful game and amazing addition to the God of War franchise. I enjoyed every minute I spent playing this title, and I mean that wholeheartedly. Every aspect for me was borderline perfect from puzzles, story,  looks, gameplay and even traveling. God of War 4 is my personally favorite game that I have played on the current generation of consoles, and has my early vote for Game of the Year!



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