Bungie Talks Destiny 2 DLC “Warmind”!

Destiny fans eagerly have been waiting the day Bungie talks about the new Warmind DLC, and today was that day! Bungie had an announcement stream for the new DLC which showed off some of the content that is being prepared to drop.

During the livestream Bungie announced that the planet Mars will be making it’s return along with Rasputin the A.I. that was meant to protect the universe. Players will find an awoken Rasputin on his home planet of Mars, along with awoken enemies that have been frozen enemies deep under the ice caps of the red planet. New end game content is said to be coming similarly to the “Court of Oryx” from Destiny 1, and will be player activated. Along with this addition there will be new strikes (one will be Playstation exclusive) .


Along with the new additions to the PvE elements of Destiny 2 there is also going to be additions to the PvP portion of the game! Changes to the competitive mode will have leveling that will bring you up and down the charts, and there will now be PvP exclusive guns each season. Also some game elements have changed for guns such as exotic buffs, and even a new emote wheel for players to customize.

Warmind will be launching on May 8th, 2018, and will be available on PS4, Xbox and PC!


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