Road to Infinity War Review: Doctor Strange

When Doctor Strange first came out I was riding such a hype train about seeing this character onscreen and the clever ending that I felt more strongly about the movie than most. I’m rewatching it in preparation for Infinity War, the highs aren’t as high and the lows stand out a bit more. 


The movie’s biggest strength is Benedict Cumberbatch he was absolutely perfect as the character strange accent aside. He carries the film on his back and you are absolutely on board with his journey. My biggest problem is that you never get a real sense of progression or how powerful he is becoming and how much of it is just luck. 


The rest of the characters all do their intended jobs but are pretty forgettable. From Christine to Mordo non of the side characters are given much to do or much of a personality. The story also relies on heavy exposition dumps that slow down the pacing and make the movie drag. 


Doctor Strange is a template film. It follows a very bland and cliche structure but adds just enough interesting bits to make it worth a watch. If anything just for cumberbatch’s portrayal of the character. 


“Dormammu I’ve come to Bargain”

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