Destiny 2 Need’s to Keep 6v6!

When Bungie announced Destiny 2 they also announced some changes to the way the game worked. Included the changes to “The Crucible” which is Destiny’s PvP game was changed to an all 4 player playlist. Many loyal Destiny fans were not happy with the changes, as bringing the numbers down meant that the game style changed.

This week however Bungie has re-added 6v6 to their Iron Banner event. The bringing back some of the older feeling gameplay has been widely excepted, and made the game feel more alive. Playing in a 6v6 mode with a ton of guardians flying around is great, and the games feel fast! The newest update with patch 1.14 the “go fast” update  made the PvE feel a lot more fun. Letting you deal more damage and get supers a lot fast.

Destiny 2 is trying to recover from a major drop off in their player base, and letting the players have some of the best stuff from D1 is a great start. We will see if they can get to the game to at least where the original game ended, but where they are starting at seems great and I hope the trend continues.

Have you played the new Iron Banner 6v6 yet? If so are you liking it? Or have you completely given up on Destiny 2? Let me know your thoughts!

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