AVAST. We have Sea of Thieves updates!

ARRRRR PORTSIDE HAVE SOME MIGHTY FINE UPDATES!  Rare released a video today giving an overview of some of the things they have planned (for free) for SoT over the next few months.  Here is a quick run down of somethings that are mentioned, but there is a lot to parse through in the actual video (linked below):

  May: The Hungering Deep update.

  • New AI threat.
  • Crews will have to work together in an unique event.
  • New mechanics.
  • New rewards
  • Weekly events.

    Summer: Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores updates.

  • New ship type.
  • Cursed Cannonballs.
  • New part of the world to explore.
  • New mechanics.
  • New AI.
  • New rewards.

    More updates planned for Fall/Winter as well as more weekly events.


What do you guys think?  Are you still sailing the high seas attacking POOR DEFENSELESS ONE MAN SHIPS YOU BULLIES.  I HAD TREASURE AND YOU DIDN’T EVEN LOOT IT YOU JUST SANK ME AND SAILED OFF.  Oh sorry.  Let us know what you think in the comments!

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