Overwatch’s “Retribution” Shows a Story in Overwatch Would Work!

Overwatch just launched a new update this week named Retribution, and it’s a wonderful PvE event tied closely to the game’s lore. That lore is what makes the game so brilliant, but the issue is why is there not more lore in the game?

Blizzard has done an amazing job with Overwatch even going as far as to making it a major Esport, that has its own league. Marketing for Overwatch was brilliant with beautiful cinematic’s that showed off some of the back story to a few major characters in-game, and they have even made amazing digital comics that show some details from before the game came out.

The thing is  there is hardly any in-game lore that players can really get into. Characters all have some small bits of voice lines that acknowledge their story past, present, future or even their current situation. All beautifully written and perfectly acted out, but Retribution shows that a story would work in Overwatch.

Retribution is a 4 player PvE that takes you through a mission that Overwatch’s covert op group named “Blackwatch” took on 8 years before the event of the game. Showing you the something that could have possibly been the downfall for Overwatch. Not only does it give you a great piece of story and lore, but also give you such an amazing time to play with friends. Also takes you away from the sometimes toxic competitive game modes the game is currently built around. I personally think that Overwatch is an amazing game that could definitely benefit from a story mode, or game type of some kind.


The Retribution event is currently live and will be lasting till the end of the month. From new skins to the new game mode, and even last years story event “Uprising” has been added. So make sure you get the grind on!

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