Destiny 2’s New Expansion “Warmind” is Coming!

Destiny 2 is getting another long-awaited expansion, and it just got a release date today! This expansion is going to be named “Warmind” and will be dealing with a former machine called a Warmind, which is a A.I. that was eventually ment to save the earth from anything that could threaten the earth.


Rumors have been swirling on the expansion having a return from a character from Destiny 1 known as Rasputin. Others have said it could be a long dormant warmind named Charlemagne. Bungie will be having a stream on Twitch for more details on the game on April 24th.

I’m sure that everyone is also going to be looking forward to any game updates that comes to the core of Destiny 2. After launching late last year the game has struggled very bad recently, and this expansion should bring back some of the older fans of the series.

Warmind will be releasing on May 8th for a price of $19.99.

What about you though, are you looking forward to Warmind? Let me know your thoughts!

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