Far Cry 5 Review! (Spoiler Free)

The Far Cry series is one that is no stranger to being pure insanity, and this one is no exception. Ubisoft didn’t skip a beat with this one, with dark tones, beautiful environments, a living world and nonsensical amounts of crazy action, Far Cry 5 is one of the best games I’ve played so far this year!

Far Cry 5 was originally announced with quite the controversy. Showing off dark imagery, and people being killed in sickening ways. From people’s heads being smashed into church bells to dead bodies floating in the river, FC5  made quite the splash. The game does keep the most of those dark tones, though it is not as horrible as people first anticipated.


The story is dark and hits a strong tone on how far a militant cult can go. Set in Hope County Montana to deal with the militant religious cult named “Eden’s Gate”, which has taken over the town and surrounding wilderness. The cult is led by Joseph Seed (AKA The Father) who is the main antagonist, and his siblings Jacob, Faith and John make up the bosses of their respective areas in the game. To progress the game’s story you take on these bosses forces, by blowing up cult supplies, freeing hostages or simply completing story missions in the area.


Along side the story the side missions feel a lot more light-hearted, and all around more fun. From dogfighting in a helicopter to killing enemies while rock music blares throughout the land. The missions are very fun and are the very over the top stuff we have come to love from Far Cry.


The move from tropical islands and deserts to mid-west america is not the only change that Far Cry took this time around. This time around exploring the world is as far from linear as you can get. The game drops you straight into the game, and lets you choose where to go next. Along with the new map additions finding your way around has also changed. The mini-map we have all come to love has been removed, and in its place a small compass is placed on top of the screen for you. This small removal was actual not bad and made seeing the entire world on your screen easy,

Speaking on the world of Far Cry 5 it is alive! Every corner has something from creatures to hunt ranging from animals as small as turkeys, to huge black bears and moose. Along with the animals to hunt you also can fish in almost every body of water you will run across. Finally other than animals everything you will find is alive from allies to enemies, and from air to sea there is always somthing for you to do.


When it came to activities I never felt like I ran out of stuff to do. Also doing all of the activites the world hold also makes you money, and with money you can buy weapons, vehicles and other necessities like weapons and meds. Almost all of the vehicles and weapons you buy can be customized, and some vehicles you unlock will come already customized. My personal favorite was the semi truck named Widowmaker (trust me it is pure insanity). In my play through I didn’t find it too difficult to make money to buy the stronger variant of guns, and I was able to buy almost all of the more expensive versions in my 30 hour play through.


A quick note on the open world of Far Cry is it can be buggy at times, bulls flipping helicopters, and even heli’s falling from the sky on to players. Far Cry has always been a little weird in the games worlds and that continues in this game.

The game was incredibly fun although I have some minor complaints. I personally didn’t care for the capture sequences,  I felt like taking me out of the game for scheduled cut scenes was a little immersion breaking. Although I understand why they did it this way, I thought that not being able to fight back at all was a bit of a missed mini horde mode. Along with that complaint I also will say that the ending of the game was a big let down on my end. There are 3 ending a secret one and then both a good and bad ending. I personally did not care for any of the regular endings, but quite enjoyed the secret one you can get.


Far Cry 5 was another blockbuster title from Ubisoft studio’s, and shows that with Far Cry they are always willing to change it up a bit. From a new and very different location, to a different style of game play and feel. I loved the game though the ending was not the best I had a great time playing it. I was able to play all of the story with some side missions in around 28 hours. So there is an ability to cut down that time if you wanted to, or you can play this down to the last mission. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone that loves to play these crazy titles that we know as Far Cry.


What about you though, have you played Far Cry 5? If so what are you thoughts, and what did you think of the ending of them game? Let me know what you think!


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