Where Sea of Thieves Went Wrong.

Sea of Thieves is Xbox’s only real console exclusive that Microsoft has in it belt, and it is not looking like the game we all anticipated. SoT is a fun stylized pirate game that has so much potential. The world the game is set it is nothing short of beautiful in its cartoony and playful colors, and the mechanics are joyful even tho sometimes clunky. You have the ability to control almost everything on your ship, be it from a sloop or galleon you can control virtually every function of the ship. The sails height and pitch to the cannons being pre-prepared, everything is able to be set just how you like it. The thing about Sea of Thieves is that the game only has all of this to say about it.


The game tho beautiful and fun to play has virtually no real content to the game. Your only rewards are cosmetic, and cosmetic only! Grinding you factions up to level 50 just to get harder missions that only give you a chance at more cash, that will only get you more cosmetic items. Playing through the game you will notice 2 enemies which is skeletons that can have different variations, and a random encounter with the Kraken. Back to the skeletons, each one has the same play style either shoot or charge you with a sword or their hands, and you can easily see that they do not go in water making it easy to beat them. The only other enemy you will find is other players.


Other players are by far the toughest enemy in the game, because the only real fun thing to do in the game is sink other players ships. Some lobbies will have fully maned ships lurking in the ocean like a hungry shark waiting for its next prey. Full galleons sailing around island to island looking to just sink any ship that comes across their path, and this play comes from the fact that there is nothing else to do after a certain point.


Now I have no problem with some pvp play, but when your game is just a sand box that turns into a hunting ground for new players I think there is a slight problem. There is no way for you to play this game without having to look over your shoulder constantly, but I do hope that this game can add some content to it soon.

Rare has stated that this game is not what it is going to be a year from now, and that they will be constantly adding content to SoT. Going into it I was excited, but now that I have had time to think of my purchase, I am sort of bummed this is all the content I have bought, and now I’m stuck here hoping that Rare can keep up their promise to add the amazing content we thought we were getting.

I am still hopeful that SoT will be an amazing stylized pirate sandbox that I was originally hoping for, but I’m sad that the start of the game came to this. What about you, what are your thought on Sea of Thieves?


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