Ready Player One Movie Review

What a great time to be alive. In less than 6 months we have gotten 2 phenomenal video game movies. They just happen to not be based on actual games. Last year we had Jumanji and now Ready Player One has hit theaters and been a huge hit. While I have not read the book, I had an absolute blast with this nostalgia bomb of a movie.


Ready Player One is based on the novel of the same name written by Ernest Cline. However it still has the whimsy and spectacle of a Steven Spielberg movie. The movie follows a young gamer by the name of Wade Watts who is one of the millions of gamers in the oasis, a massive online world that seems to control every aspect of their lives. For good reason too, the oasis is beautiful and portrayed as a place where the only limits are your imagination and the franchise rights Spielberg was able to grab.


Whenever the movie is in the oasis, it’s a fantastic spectacle to behold and very entertaining. Every now and then however the movie shifts gears and goes back to the real world which isn’t fleshed out and just seems completely generic without any likeable characters to maintain the exciting pace.


Speaking of characters, I found them all to be pretty generic and uninteresting. The events they take part in are memorable, but they are not. Now let’s talk about the movie’s biggest seller and that is the nostalgia on showcase. Nostalgia has become a very saturated market between films, tv, and even video games. This will divide a lot of people because you will either 1)Not understand the references 2)Be unimpressed by the name drops 3) GEEK OUT. Even though I try to keep an objective view and my score will reflect that, I personally had a blast with Ready Player One.


Ready Player One is a fun premise executed by a master visual story teller. The story and characters leave a lot to be desired and the nostalgia gimmick will be divisive for some. However if you are looking for a fun summer movie in the middle of spring with some cool nods to the past, then strap in for a wild ride.

“Come on man, that’s a camper move”

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