It’s Been A Couple Weeks But I’m Back!

Here’s some game deals for you filthy animals to hopefully get your weekend started off right!!

Looking through the Microsoft marketplace I see some new faces and some familiar faces. Starting with Titanfall 2 which is super low priced for $6.00! Which is $30 off!

Along with one of FrankenCultures favorites Cuphead which is usually a measly $20 but Microsoft has it a little cheaper for $16.99.

Then finally we have Watch Dogs 2 which is awesomely marked down to $18.00 which is $35.99 in savings.

Switching over to PlayStations wonderful little marketplace they are lacking a little this week in the more popular title category but I found a few for you.

Doom which is a wonderful title is 33% off at $20.09.

The new Assassin’s Creed Origins is 50% off for $29.99 which is a super rad deal!

And lastly if you want to get the doo doo scared out of you a little, Outlast 2 is 70% off totaling $8.99 if you’re not trying to break the bank at all.

Nintendo even wants to get on board this week and help you all save some money too by finally putting some popular games on sale for everyone.

They have WWE 2K18 on sale at 50% off for $29.99.

The super popular Rocket League is 25% off for a low low price of $14.99.

And Lego even chimes in with their Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 which is also 50% off for $29.99 as well.

So make sure to log in tonight and download some awesomely cheap games and spend your weekend inside having the time of your life.

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