Road to Infinity War Review: Ant-Man

Phase 2 of the MCU ends with a film that feels very familiar. Ant-Man’s story is straight out of the Marvel formula that worked for Iron Man, Hulk, and even Captain America. You would think it would make the movie boring, but surprisingly there’s a lot to enjoy here.


Starting with the film’s tone, which can be largely attributed to Edgar Wright’s involvement in the project before he left. The movie never takes itself too seriously and takes advantage of having strong comedic actors in its leading roles. Paul Rudd kills it at Scott Lang or at least this version of Scott Lang since I’m not familiar with his comic counterpart. He captures the heart of the character while making him smart and charming.


The rest of the supporting characters are hit or miss. Michael Peña and Michael Douglas are both awesome. While Evangeline Lilly kinda starts out rough, she ends up growing on you. She does have great chemistry with Paul Rudd which helps makes their romance seem more believable. Corey Stoll on the other hand is completely wasted. He’s been great on House of Cards but he isn’t given much to work with so he comes across as yet another generic marvel villain.


The humor in the movie really goes a long way to giving this movie its own unique vibe. Ultimately it’s what saves it from being a forgettable marvel movel. The heist aspect as well as the humor injected into it keep a smile on your face for a majority of the runtime. The special effects also still look great and the sense of scale in any of the shrinking scenes is still top notch.


Ant-Man is a silly concept and the movie knows it. It eastblishes it’s world and characters without ever taking itself too seriously. While not the best super hero movie or marvel movie I still found myself having a great time with Ant-Man.

“Baskin Robbins always finds out”

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