Streaming Video Games. The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had.

Every kid that grew up into a gamer has heard that video games are a waste of time, and that playing them constantly is a bad habit. Some of those gamer’s even decided to turn their love of games into a form of entertainment for others, and that form of entertainment is called live streaming. Live streaming is a growing form of entertainment where a person plays a game live in front of other people who are able to chat with the person playing.

Over the past year I was able to play all sorts of video games, and run across some weird and amazing people over that time. This is my 1 year story of my time live streaming!

Starting up for some is easy, I was able to get my foot in the door by just using the Playstation Broadcast feature on the PS4. Moving forward I found more ways to customize streams, and even more ways to get the viewers involved with streams. When it comes to viewers you meet all kinds of people, starting out it feels like your just playing games by yourself, but when you get more and more viewers you start to feel like your playing for a small audience.

Live streaming on YouTube and Twitch went from being unplanned events that just randomly popped up, to something that I took time to schedule and tell my viewers about. I honestly began to enjoy the interactions with the viewers talking to them about whats going on, and even seeing how they are doing. Having normal viewers that would regularly check in on you and see what you have planned next is amazing. Talking to these people makes streaming honestly the most fun thing I’ve ever done.

Not only do you gain some of the most amazing followers, but you make some of the most impactful friends. Without the people who I met at the beginning of my live streaming journey I fully believe I would not still be doing this, or having as much fun as I am having doing this now. So to them I have to give a massive thank you to my friends, family, stream team and viewers who ALL have supported me on this journey!

Anyone out there who wants to stream or is looking into streaming I say do it! There is no hobby out there easier to get into. It does have its up and downs just like anything else out there, but the reward you get is probably the most fulfilling you can feel. Do not let people say not to try it! If you want to see my streams and talk to me and my amazing followers head over to my Twitch channel  come say hi and make yourself at home!

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