Assassin’s Creed Origins: Discovery Tour Mode

With a new expansion coming out on March 13 for Assassin’s Creed Origins, The Curse of the Pharaohs, let’s talk about one of the most recent free updates to the game. Discovery Tour Mode released late February and it is a history buff’s dream!

If you’re totally into history or just curious about the lives of everyday ancient Egyptians then this mode brings extra hours worth of gameplay to the table.

Choose your avatar and explore the whole map of the base game with the conflict disabled. Get up close to the wildlife, or check out the heavily guarded forts and palaces without getting attacked when you look at a guard funny.

There are many tours scattered across the land. The categories include: Egypt, Daily Life (my personal favorite), Alexandria, Pyramids, and Romans.

Each tour has a path to follow with varying number of stations to stop at. The stations talk about points of interest and often show pictures of real life archaeological finds.

They offer knowledge ranging from the ingenuity that went into irrigating vast plots of land, the fashion of the upper and lower classes, or the challenges Alexander the Great had in creating his grand namesake city.

Some give insight as to the developers decisions to add or omit features in the game world.

You’ll also find numerous glowing white circles on the ground that your avatar can stand in. This triggers them to act like an npc. They can sit and relax in the sun or partake in some window shopping. Photo Mode is also still active, so this provides some neat photo opportunities.

Discovery Tour had me exploring for hours just taking in the sights. It’s just so relaxing to walk like the Egyptians in what amounts to an interactive, living, breathing virtual museum.

The base game is already impressive and this was the frosting on the cake. Here’s to hoping the next expansion is the cherry on top!

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