A King on his Throne

Gaming chairs are quickly becoming a staple to all gaming set ups, a streamer or anyone calling themselves a gamer using just a regular office chair might as well just hang up their controllers for good as far as the community is concerned cause they’re all laughing at you.

Admittedly I was one of those losers without a chair. I personally played all of my video games laying in bed, which I didn’t think was that bad until i realized that between sleep and the hours of gaming I put in I was laying in bed 10-15 hours a day depending on my work schedule.

So I crumbled spent a few solid weeks shopping chairs and this is be gem I decided on, OPSeats Grandmaster Series.

The grandmaster is the slightly larger slightly more expensive chair that OPSeat offers the other being simply called the Master Series. I choose the gray and black but OPSeat has 11 different colors to choose from in both models.

Now the final reason I was sold on this chair was because it supports big dudes like myself and I didn’t have to break the bank to support my larger posterior. Did I find other chairs for cheaper that had a high weight limit? of course, but the reviews were mixed and of course the more expensive chairs had raving reviews but started around $400-600 dollars.

The OPSeat Grandmaster Series is $299 with happy owner reviews and regular deals through the website and yes you guessed it a deal through our wonderful website through the OPSeat affiliate program.

Last but not least we have assembly. The chair overall was very easy to put together except for one section that was made considerably easier with the help of my roommate. Overall the chair only took me an hour to assemble and they even provide the tools to do put the chair together.

After a week of use I can fully say I’m happy with this purchase the chair looks good, is comfortable and has made me a believer in the gaming chair movement. If you’re interested in buying a chair through our affiliate program and taking your gaming set up to another level the website and affiliate link is, https://opseat.com/ref/frankenculture/

Feel free to share a picture of your gaming set up with us and show off your gaming chair. I’m always a fan of comments and shares.

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