Road to Infinity War Review: Captain America The Winter Soldier

This is it. The film that cemented Captain America and Chris Evans as the best avenger. After 2 tired sequels before it, The Russo brothers came through and created an awesome spy movie that just so happens to feature a marvel hero.


The movie follows Cap as he joins forces with S.H.I.E.L.D. automatically making his story the most interesting to follow in a post avengers world because he’s right in the middle of everything. Joining him are Black Widow, Falcon, and Nick Fury making this the best ensemble of characters since their team up in the Avengers. That’s what really makes this movie great, the characters are all given interesting things to do and we learn more about them through their trials. Nick Fury is made more human, Romanoff skills are given a spotlight, falcon is introduced as Cap’s right hand man and then there’s Steve. Captain America himself has all of his ideals tested as he discovers that modern espionage is not as black and white as the War he fought against the Nazis.


Highlighting this change is the introduction of the Winter Soldier, a character that tests Steve both physically and mentally. While a threat the winter soldier is not the villain of the story instead is used to carry out the main villains agenda. That’s about all you can say about the plot without spoiling this movie’s brilliant twist and turns but let’s just say this movie changed the MCU forever.


There’s still plenty that I can talk about including the brilliant action sequences and special effects that make the world of Captain America feel grounded while also providing incredible sights. The fight choreography is all too notch and it uses all of Caps abilities in a brilliant way. The movie also has a fun soundtrack that always keeps a fun beat during those action scenes.


The Winter Soldier is exactly what the MCU needed, a movie that has lasting effects across all its films and keeps integral characters together to provide interesting dynamics and character growth. I have no reservations about saying that this is best technically made marvel movie to date and it still holds up as not only a great superhero movie, but a great action movie in general.

“On Your Left”

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