Game Night Movie Review

Before I begin this review I want to tell you a little story. I went to go see this movie as a matinee with about 5 people in the theater total. Usually when there’s that many people in the theater it’s a very quiet experience as no one wants to be singled out as the rude person. However during my viewing of Game Night all 6 of us in that theater laughed out loud so often you would have thought the theater was a sold out audience. Game Night is just that funny.


Game Night stars Jason Bateman and Rachel Mcadams as a very competitive couple who love playing and hosting game nights. One night they let Jason’s brother host only to find that his game Night might be more intense than planned as his Murder Mystery Party might actually be real. That’s actually all I want to mention of the plot because half the fun is seeing the twist and turns that the movie takes.


The movie is hilarious and I absolutely mean hilarious. If you like movies, games, and tv shows then you will love the jokes and references they make in this movie. It’s a pop culture melting pot of jokes. The sound track is also really run to listen to and plays at just the right moments to keep the pace moving.

The cast is all superb and no one is useless as they all have a moment to shine and provide their own jokes to the mix. Probably the most well rounded cast in a comedy since the hangover. That being said the movie does have a couple moments where it pushes the line of believeability but I was having such a good time that it didn’t bother me as much as it might bother others.


In conclusion Go see Game Night! Go see it with friends, a significant other, or alone, and you will have a great time full of laughs at the movies.

“Let’s step Game Night up a notch”

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