Buyers Remorse Got Me Like…

Have you ever spent a bunch of money on something you really want and then immediately after you hate yourself or even the idea of going to the dollar menu at McDonald’s makes you cringe? Me either.

Incase that’s ever happened to you I’m here to help with some video game deals to keep that buyers remorse at bay.

PlayStation this week is doing their best to keep sports fans happy with an EA Sports FIFA 18 and NHL 18 bundle at 60% off for $39.99.

Then for you racing simulator fans they have the Need For Speed: Ultimate Bundle at 60% off for $39.99 which includes Need for Speed: Rivals- Complete Edition, Need for Speed: Deluxe Edition, and Need for Speed: Payback- Deluxe Edition.

Then lastly for you sports junkies Madden NFL 18 is 70% off for $17.99.

So if you’re paying attention that’s 5 PlayStation games for under $100 which is pretty dang sweet!

Microsoft and the XboxOne this week are making things a little harder. Plenty of games on special but how many of them would you actually play hahaha.

Just kidding, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is 60% off at $24.00 which is a steal considering everything they went through before launch.

Then there’s Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is 20% off for $39.99. And an oldie but a goodie Dragon Age: Inquisition- Game of the Year Edition is 75% off at $10.00!!

Then as usual to all my Nintendo Switch owners just go check out their marketplace. There’s always some interesting looking games on special there. I admittedly have played none haha.

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