Road to Infinity War Review: Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 was a mixed bag. It played with both fan and audience expectations and it’s gamble did not pay off. It took too many risks without giving any satisfying pay off to Tony’s 4 Movie arc up to that point. But let’s dive right in and see how a few years have changed initial reactions.


The story this time around takes an interesting turn in focusing on Tony’s mental state. He is having anxiety attacks and clearly suffering from the events in the Avengers. He is a broken man which is why when a new villain enters the scene he provides Tony with his toughest challenge yet. That all being said The villain is still awful. It was a terrible choice by the script writers that doesn’t provide enough satisfaction to justify the decision. In fact most of the plot feels like it was hashed out in a rush, a prime example is that while Tony is having his breakdown the two most important people in his life don’t care or just brush it aside as Tony being Tony.


The actors play their roles fine but,there are no standout moments from the characters and Iron Man 3 ends up playing like another episode of a marvel tv show with a larger budget. There’s more humor injected into the story and a lot of it doesn’t land. The movie seems to not understand its audience by constantly sacrificing emotional moments for a punch line.


The film’s effects are still great and it looks great however on the repeated viewing you noticing a lot more choppy editing especially in the final 3rd act. The movie then tries to close out Iron man’s story in a 5 minute montage that leaves a lot to be desired and raises more questions than answers.

In the end Iron Man was a misstep by Marvel. Coming off the huge success of the Avengers and bringing all their heroes together Iron Man 3 feels remarkably small in scope and uneven in its tone. Glad this wasn’t the final time we would see RDJ or Tony Stark.

“Where’s the mandarin?” -Tony and the entire audience

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