Starts out driving cross country listening to always something there to remind me. Young black woman stops at a gas station which looks abandoned she then pulls out a solar panel and begins to charge her car. Walks up to a building saying black museum. She wants to try to enter and the owner comes out and greets her (nish) and warns her the museum is not for the faint hearted.

She begins walking around the museum with the owner. The owner (rolo) seems very creepy. He begins to tell his background of neuroscience. Shows a demonstration of a neurotransmitter that allows people to share their knowledge but it didn’t work but allows them to share their physical response. So if someone has hot coffee spilled all over them then the other can feel it without the actual consequences of scorching hot coffee being poured onto them. Rolo gives the doctor he’s speaking to the neurotransmitter and they demo it. The idea was for the doctor to be able to diagnose people correctly and know what the actual pain and diagnosis coming from. But he can feel anything and everything when the neurotransmitter is connected. Then a senator comes in and has been poisoned and the doctor experienced death. So now something is off. Since he basically died. And now he loved the sensation of pain. He wanted more and more pain sensation. He lost it. And started inflicting pain on himself. He began cutting himself everywhere. Pulling out teeth and gouging himself wherever he could. None of it was enough. The doctor leaves his place and finds a homeless man and begins to torture him with the sensor on so he can feel his pain. He goes into a coma from the ecstasy of the pain and then Rolo is over that story. Nish keeps asking why he didn’t stay in medtech. And he goes into another story. Guy and girl hooking up at a party. Both are drunk then shows they go into a relationship and have a baby. Then the girl gets hit by a truck and ends up in the hospital. The guy visits her all the time and she never wakes up. Then a device is set up in her room that allows her in her coma state to respond with a green and red light. So the guy(jack) would ask what smell she’d like or if she wanted a video and the light would change. Rolo comes and offers a new technology to allow jack to have the opportunity to have Carrie live through his brain. They transfer and he can hear her and she can feel and taste everything he’s doing. She begins to nap him about little things cause she’s seeing everything he’s doing. It’s a permanent backseat driver. Jack goes back to rolo to ask to fix things. Rolo offers to be able to “pause” Carrie. Jack takes advantage as soon as he can and puts Carrie on pause for months. She’s so upset wants to see her child and feel his hug. The child makes things complicated so he would put Carrie on pause except for the weekends. So she can spend time with her kiddo. Jack started to hook up with the neighbor. And began a relationship with her. But they want to do something about it. Carrie is jealous and always bitching so they go back to rolo and now rolo offers the transfer of Carrie to be put into a monkey. A plush monkey doll. And the only things she can say is monkey loves you and monkey needs a hug. And the son got tired of the monkey toy and now Carrie is on display in his museum. Still in the monkey. Now nish is led into the main attraction. She gets led into a separate room and

there is a hologram of a black man in a jail cell. Rolo meets with the man and asks to have his soul to be turned into a hologram version of himself. Clayton (the jail man) was sentenced to death and got the electrocution chair. It seemed to be there was doubt and also maybe tampered evidence with the case. But none of that mattered. He was fried. The transfer was complete. Rolo made it into an attraction that he could recreate the electrocution chair over and over. And everyone could shock him over and over. Oh. Damn. Now Nish is fuming. And starts going off on Rolo. Turns out it’s her dad. Clayton is her dad. She tells him how her mom lost herself after seeing him being tortured with the electrocution and killed herself. And the water she gave to Rolo was poison. And she transfers his subconscious into her dads vegetable digital body. Hits him with the full electrocution and he dies. She takes the monkey and sets the museum on fire. And leaves. With a souvenir too. Then Nish turns to her rear view mirror. Asks her mom if she did alright. Turns out the mom is in her mind the same way Carrie was in Jacks.

They definitely saved the best episode for last. This one episode, running an hour and a half long, made every detail feel as if everything was just as important as the other. I didn’t know what to expect when I began watching but it turned out to be surprisingly intriguing. The fact that it had lots of different tech elements with the hologram, neurotransmitter, and the person transfer all into one episode made it exciting to say the least. It’s not overwhelming though. Everything is made to be understood why we’re hearing it and with the of course plot twist at the end made it pretty perfect. The title of the episode alone made me wonder if it was going to be like the movie “get out” or something to that nature. It was in its own category though, with the girl Nish pretending to be interested in this museum when her only goal is revenge. Although I wrote out most of this episode there are still so many details I left out that would make this spoiler review not as much spoiling. 8/10 for this episode peeps. Please watch this one and guess what! Now I’ve finally finished this season. Until next season folks!

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