Micheal Watson delivers something amazing with “The Wrestler”


Some people live the life they have to, working a dead end 9-5 job, going home to a one bedroom apartment, making a tv dinner, and passing out before 11pm.  Micheal Watson is the opposite.  His life for the past five years has involved chair shots, suicide planchas and of course ARMBARS.


Micheal Watson has been a wrestling film photographer for five years, when three years ago it dawned on him.  Wrestlers make amazing subjects.  He created his project, “The Wrestler”, a photo book of 130 different indy wrestlers (some of which are now hot commodities in the wrestling world.) All taken with a Polaroid camera (and allowed to process, not shaken, thank you outkast.)  You can see previews on his Instagram: brainbuster_

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Matthew Riddle

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Make sure to click the link above to support Micheal and his kickstarter, and get a copy of the book!

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