E3 Public Registration Opens today!

The rush to get E3 tickets has started! Well or so I thought… Roughly 30 minutes ago I was prepared for a refresh battle only comparable by the all mighty San Diego Comic-Con. Coffee in hand, 2 screens shinning bright and ready to go!


Registration was slated to go live at 12pm EST. I imagined I would be one of millions pushing my way through the internet to grab my golden ticket. Then the clock struck and, to my surprise the page refreshed instantly. I went though the whole registration process in about a minute or two and received my confirmation email. Somewhat uneventful I must admit but I am thrilled to be heading back after missing last year.

It is now about 30 minutes since registration has gone live and everything is still up here:

E3 Registration

If you are ready and willing you may be able to still get your foot in the door. Now the wait begins for June. If you wont be able to attend this year make sure to check back here at Frankenculture as we will be reporting back with all of our wonderful gaming finds directly from the  show floor!

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